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Integrity above all else!

Michael Haywood distinguished himself by outstanding achievement as a Law Enforcement Patrolman for the United States Air Force.  Michael was awarded three medals for his quick and decisive actions while serving in the European theater and the Middle East during the Iraq War.  He now brings those same military traditions and training to all aspects of his life to include his home inspection business.  Honor, Professional, Courtesy, and Integrity above all else.  

Michael Haywood's father, Edward was a Master Carpenter all his life, and Michael grew up learning the ins and outs of the trade under his father's hand.  He spent much of his boyhood on the job site helping his father.  As a teenager, Michael kept a summer job as his fathers apprentice.  There he learned the lessons of good customer service, and never cutting corners.  A home is one's most important investment and he knows to respect that home and the customers needs.

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